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Here you'll find a brief and mostly spoiler-free introduction to all the major characters in Thunderstruck.

Sharon Curmen
Sharon is the elder of the Curmen sisters and the co-star of Thunderstruck. At age 15 she was paralyzed in a drive-by shooting, and spent the next five years in a wheelchair with deteriorating health. On a fateful evening, she was struck by lightning, which awakened her superhuman ability to absorb electricity and channel it into healing, physical strength and speed, and other magical abilities. An engineering prodigy and lifelong skeptic, Sharon is quick-witted, sharp, occasionally reckless, and devoted to her sister above all.

Gail Curmen
Gail is the younger of the Curmen sisters and the other co-star of Thunderstruck. With physical gifts that match her sister's intellectual ones, Gail is a world-class swimmer, track athlete, and martial artist. She is deeply spiritual and disciplined in Christian meditation. Gail is more thoughtful and deliberate than her sister, driven by her compassion and her strong sense of morality. Her supernatural gifts express themselves in her spirituality and martial arts, and she extremely good at detecting lies.

Aaron Curmen
The father of Sharon and Gail, Aaron is the founder of Curmen Enterprises. He is a brilliant engineer and inventor, and one of the many services his company provides is to create specialized technology and weapons for intelligence and military special forces. Aaron can seem like the classic absent-minded professor, especially in his social life, but this persona masks a very astute thinker. He has a rather extraordinary way of lighting a grill.

Lily Curmen
The mother of Sharon and Gail, Lily is a deeply unhappy woman who has been dominated her whole life by her own mother, Stella Wincott. Her marriage with Aaron is often distant and her relationship with her daughters, especially Sharon, is as much adversarial as it is loving. She feels insecure and inadequate in most areas of her life save for one: she is a champion Bridge player.

Stella Wincott
The grandmother of Sharon and Gail and the mother of Lily, Stella is the quintessential "old battle-axe." A fiercely devoted Christian, Stella's own interpretation of scripture guides her iron-clad sense of what is right and wrong. Having raised Lily alone in a tyrannical fashion, Stella has tried to impose her will on her granddaughters... with mixed results. Though she adores and admires Gail, she believes Sharon is not simply wrong-headed, but is in fact downright evil. Stella is tough, smart, uncompromising, and keenly perceptive.

The Shackled Man
This enigmatic figure appears as a tall, muscular blonde swordsman with glowing red eyes and broken shackles on his wrists and ankles. He first appeared to Gail in a dream, but has since been shown to be involved both in key events in the sisters' lives, past and present. Even the most powerful players in the supernatural world respect and fear him.

Ray Warwick
Warwick is one of the seven leading figures in the secret society known as Perivigilum (or simply Vigil), which is known to be the most powerful and influential organization in the supernatural world. Warwick is a man of many schemes and a capable deceiver, one who prefers to manipulation to force. Like all the leaders of Vigil, he has great personal supernatural power, though he prefers not to reveal it. He takes a direct interest in the Curmen family soon after Sharon's power is revealed.

Grant Grogan
Another one of Vigil's leaders, Grant Grogan's base of operations is in New Orleans. He has a battlefield commander's mentality and preserves to solve problems through swift and decisive action. Grogan is implacable as an enemy and ruthless to he despises, but is genuinely loyal to his own people and his sense of right and wrong. He takes over the Vigil's surveillance of the Curmen sisters when they reach New Orleans.

Saxony Canterbury
The head of Steel Angels Investigations in New Orleans, Saxony is an occultist and private eye. He has extensive and tangled connections to the supernatural underground in and out of the city. Sax's own abilities are mostly based on stage magic tricks done with real sorcery... which can be more potent than many people suspect. He has a personality that is about equal parts noir detective and beat poet.

Saxony's partner in both romance and in Steel Angels Investigations, Hayaka is half-human, half-kitsune (fox spirit). She specializes in illusions, disguise, and hand-to-hand combat. Hayaka is clever and mischievous, and she and Saxony make an excellent team. Her main weakness is that her soul is tied to a white ball which, if stolen, will give the bearer power over her.

A beautiful and erratic veteran in the supernatural world, Psyche is a freelancer who sometimes works for the Steel Angels. She is both a deadly fighter and a powerful dreamwalker. When we first meet Psyche, she has “forgotten” herself and taken on the persona of a normal young woman, but she recovers her memory and her powers at the sound of her name.

Bella Brouchard
Bella is most powerful occultist in New Orleans, a city that is exceptional for its supernatural population. Her ultimate goal is to create an enchanted harp, and to do so she makes use of powerful magical people with a strong soul connection... like Sharon and Gail. The Steel Angels have tried to oppose her for years, but she has resources and powers that rival even Vigil.

Agnir is one of the Dvergar (Dwarves) of Norse mythology, and an ally of Bella Brouchard. He is both a tank-like warrior and a powerhouse enchanter, capable of using runes to create a wide variety of magical artifacts. Agnir has a gruff and prickly personality, but if you get on his good side his loyalty knows no bounds.

Another of Bella Brouchard's key allies, Jude is a master vampire who has lived for many centuries. He is powerful enough to ignore most of the weaknesses that affect other vampires. Jude wears a necklace of silver coins, and is an invaluable spy and enforcer for Brouchard.

Munin is a raven given to Sharon by Agnir to help her on a difficult journey. It is not known if he really is the same Munin of legend who was one of Odin's two ravens, but he is clearly very intelligent and has unusual powers.

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