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So here's the e-mail address to use:

Now, I should warn you that I write Thunderstruck in my spare time right now, which is not something I have in abundance. Between work and personal correspondence, I usually end up spending between one and two hours a day reading and replying to e-mails already.

So I will try to e-mail you back if you write me, but it may take me a little while, and I may not get around to it at all. If I do not respond to something you send, do not take it personally. You are still a terrific person with lots of friends who adore you, a top-notch high-paying job that you love, and a playful dog that idolizes you. I hope. Anyway, I do promise that I will read all the e-mails I receive, even if I don't manage to reply to them.

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Contact the Author